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Land certificate is a proof of personal ownership upon land and building. Therefore it must be kept well and be treated properly as other credentials. But, what will happen if one day the original land certificate that we possess is…

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When Tax is Owed Upon Testament of Bequest

When in my previous article I have discussed about bequest, this time I will discuss about Testament of bequest. Basically testament of bequest is the same with ordinary bequest, otherwise there is one thing deviates from the ordinary bequest; it…

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Church As the Land Right Holder

After we are aware that there are two kinds of organization, the lawful Corporate Organization and the Non- lawful Corporate, in the current discussion I will especially elaborate about Church or Church Organization as a body of lawful organization. Based…

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Buying A House Through Auction

  To conduct buying a house that is achieved through auction, at the beginning, the thing is not as the procedure of ordinary transaction. The reason is because the buyer does not conduct the transaction with the house owner, however,…

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Certificate of Transfer of the Title of Ownership

In carrying out my daily job, I was several times inquired by my ordinary clients, saying that they wanted to make transfer of title ownership of land certificate, based on Receipt of paid transaction from the sellers over land or…

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Company Law No. 40/2007 (English Version)

Company Law No. 40/2007 (English Version)

Posting with permission and courtessy from Mr. Peter Rosner (world bank) and Mr. Aulia Taufani, SH Please kindly find attached the company-law-uu-40-2007.pdf with its elucidation-company-law-uu-40-2007.pdf

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The Various Kind of Hak Pakai To Land in Indonesia

The Various Kind of Hak Pakai To Land in Indonesia

The Hak Pakai (right of usage over land) and duration consists of: A. Hak Pakai (right of usage over land) of government land which cannot be transferr to another party. Based on article 45 section 3 PP No. 40/1996 can…

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Land Right Types According To Agrarian Law in Indonesia

Land Right Types According To Agrarian Law in Indonesia

Based On Article 16 juncto article 4 ( sentence 1) Undang-Undang No. 5/1960 about Pokok-Pokok Agraria ( hereinafter to be referred to as: “UUPA”), Rights to land consists of:

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