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Nullification – buy book | 9781596981492

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    How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century

    by Thomas E. Woods Jr.

    ? Nullification – CLICK HERE ?

    • Release date: June 28, 2010
    • Publisher: Regnery Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781596981492 (1596981490)
    • Format: hardcover, 309 pages
    • Genres: politics, history, philosophy, law, government, economics, education
    • Language: english
    • Author: Thomas E. Woods Jr.

    About The Book

    Citizens across the country are fed up with the politicians in Washington telling us how to live our lives — and then sticking us with the bill. But what can we do? Actually, we can just say “no.” As New York Times bestselling author Thomas E. Woods, Jr., explains, “nullification” allows states to reject unconstitutional federal laws. For many tea partiers nationwide, nullification is rapidly becoming the only way to stop an over-reaching government drunk on power. From privacy to national healthcare, Woods shows how this growing and popular movement is sweeping across America and empowering states to take action against Obama’s socialist policies and big-government agenda.

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