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(Audiobook) A Lover’s Mercy (The Superheroine Collection, #5)

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    A Lover’s Mercy
    (The Superheroine Collection, #5)
    by Fiona Zedde

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    • Publisher: Ylva Publishing
    • Genres: superheroes, fantasy, lgbt, lesbian
    • Format: paperback, 183 pages
    • Language: english
    • ISBN: 9783963242069 (396324206X)
    • Series: The Superheroine Collection, #5
    • Release date: April 3, 2019
    • Author: Fiona Zedde

    About The Book

    Mai Redstone prowls Atlanta as its hero, Mercy, trying to save people from themselves and each other. With her newly discovered, stronger powers, she acts as if she’s invincible. To those who know her though, she’s as delicate as a cobra lily.

    Xóchitl is the complete opposite. Violence comes naturally to her. Hard-hearted and thick-skinned, the softest thing about her is her love for Mai. As part of an elite law-enforcement team in the secret Meta community, Xóchitl hunts and punishes anyone who dares to break their rules.

    But when Mai is in danger from her own powerful family, Xóchitl’s soft underbelly is exposed. How can she protect Mai when she can’t even tell allies from enemies? For the first time in her life, Xóchitl feels as threatened as the vulnerable humans Mai protects.

    Xóchitl is used to being the strongest one in the room, but when she suddenly isn’t, will she allow herself to surrender to her lover’s mercy?

    A gripping, sexy, lesbian superhero novel that will leave your heart pounding at its powerful conclusion. This sequel to “The Power of Mercy” can also be read as a standalone story.

    58,000 words

    Themes: elite law-enforcement team · lesbian superhero · superheroines

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