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(FB2) The Stephen King Universe by Stanley Wiater ~ 9781580631600

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    The Stephen King Universe
    A Guide to the Worlds of the King of Horror

    by Stanley Wiater, Christopher Golden, Hank Wagner

    ? The Stephen King Universe : READ MORE ?

    • Format: paperback, 478 pages
    • Genres: horror, reference, contemporary, mystery, suspense
    • Release date: May 21, 2001
    • Language: english
    • ISBN: 9781580631600 (1580631606)
    • Author: Stanley Wiater, Christopher Golden, Hank Wagner
    • Publisher: Renaissance Books

    About The Book

    “I am coming to understand that Roland’s world actually contains all the others of my making” ?Stephen King

    With those words, from The Dark Tower: IV Wizard and Glass, the world’s most popular writer confirmed a suspicion long held by readers?that the myriad worlds and universes King has created are, in reality, one world, one universe.

    Here, for the first time ever is the guide to that universe, a thrilling road map and informative tour for new readers and diehard fans alike.

    The Stephen King Universe is the very first examination of all of King’s fiction and the way in which its plots and characters, conflicts, and themes, intertwine.

    This definitive reference work examines his novels and short stories, as well as the motion pictures, miniseries, and teleplays that King has written. The authors spent three years discovering and tying together the threads that exist in King’s fiction. Their insightful results will entertain and surprise readers new and old. Once you have read The Stephen King Universe, you will never read Stephen King the same way again


    The Worlds of The Dark Tower and The Stand —

    The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger —

    The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three —

    The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands —

    The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass —

    The Eyes of the Dragon —

    The Talisman —

    Hearts in Atlantis —

    The Stand —

    Related Tales —

    “Night Surf” (from Night Shift) —

    “The Little Sisters of Eluria” —

    The Prime Reality, Part I: Derry —

    IT —

    Insomnia —

    Bag of Bones —

    Related Tales —

    “Autopsy Room Four” (from Six Stories) —

    “The Road Virus Heads North” —

    The Prime Reality, Part II: Castle Rock —

    The Dead Zone —

    Cujo —

    The Dark Half —

    Needful Things —

    Related Tales —

    “The Body” (from Different Seasons) —

    “Nona” (from Skeleton Crew) —

    “Uncle Otto’s Truck” (from Skeleton Crew) —

    “Gramma” (from Skeleton Crew) —

    “The Sun Dog” (from Four Past Midnight) —

    “It Grows on You” (from Nightmares and Dreamscapes) —

    “The Man in the Black Suit” (from Six Stories) —

    The Prime Reality, Part III: Jerusalem’s Lot and Stephen King’s Maine —

    Carrie —

    ‘Salem’s Lot —

    Pet Sematary —

    Cycle of the Werewolf —

    Gerald’s Game —

    Dolores Claiborne —

    Storm of the Century —

    The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon —

    Related Tales —

    “Jerusalem’s Lot” (from Night Shift) —

    “Graveyard Shift” (from Night Shift) —

    “One for the Road” (from Night Shift) —

    “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption” (from Different Seasons) —

    “Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut” (from Skeleton Crew) —

    “The Reach” (from Skeleton Crew) —

    “Secret Window, Secret Garden” (from Four Past Midnight).

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