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(FB2) Lady Farrington's Folly

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    Lady Farrington’s Folly
    by Nina Porter, Nina Coombs Pykare

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    • ISBN: 9780821742020 (0821742027)
    • Author: Nina Porter, Nina Coombs Pykare
    • Format: paperback, 224 pages
    • Publisher: Zebra
    • Release date: June 1, 1993
    • Language: english

    About The Book

    This book talks about an adventerous heiress and a rich marquis that appear to have different points of views.. By time and through many situations they eventually fall in love.

    Lady Elizabeth Farrington wished to advance the cause of science with a museum full of natural curiosities. The ton was all a twitter over “Farrington’s Folly” as she scoured the countryside for fire-eaters and gypsy queens. Elizabeth cared not a whit for the scandalmongers, nor the antiquated view of her childhood friend the Marquis of Worthington — what a sobersides he’d become since the days of their merry pranks! When he decided to accompany her on her journeys, she was quite vexed — until she realized that the dark handsome lord was having an effect on her that not even science could explain!

    The Marquis of Worthington believed science to be the hope of the future. But the heels of his shining Hessians clicked in agitation when he returned to London and found Elizabeth — whose reputation he’d sworn to protect — still a headstrong little hellion beneath her new angelic beauty. Worse yet, his cronies were laying odds at White’s that he’d fail to thwart her plans. And as he accompanied her across the English countryside, he feared his friends might be right. For it was impossible to be practical when he yearned to cast propriety aside and kiss some sense into the mischievous minx!

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